As a proud Cape Town App Development Company, the team at Rocketsoft has had the privilege to work with countless businesses and individuals over the years to develop strong, market-ready apps that are built to convert. Along the way, we’ve discovered quite a few useful hacks that allow the development phase to progress a little quicker – which is what you need when you’re trying to secure a corner of the market ASAP.

Here are a few of the most useful tips we’re able to share with our clients: 


Know your target market (super well!)

First things first – get to know your target market and research your competitors. This exercise will help you to determine whether there is indeed a gap in the market and to refine your app offering to fit that gap. Ideally, you want to take a good, hard look at your competitors, their strategy, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as their USP and client reviews. This will allow you to avoid their mistakes and leverage on strategy elements that work.

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Know whether you want to go native, hybrid or web-based

There are a few important technical decisions you have to make early on, including whether you will be going native, hybrid or web based. If your market research was thorough enough, it should be fairly simple to make this decision at the hand of your findings regarding functionality requirements, etc.

Figure out the monetising aspect

While some businesses develop an app as a resource for their target demographic, or to assist at different points along their sales funnel, many would-be app owners want to make money straight off the platform itself. In this case, it will be worth your while do discuss your options with a Cape Town app development expert, so you can streamline your app to suit along those lines.

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Be ready to brand & create buzz

An app is only as strong as the branding, PR and pre-launch buzz created to usher it into the world. You may think that it’s too soon to think about marketing, but we’re here to tell you it should be top of mind from the word go. Finding the channels where your audience hangs out, developing a CI that speaks to their preferences and generating pre-launch content that sets you apart as a thought leader will make all the difference in terms of your eventual reach.

There you have it – a few top tips from our expert team of Rocketsoft Cape Town app development gurus. Keep an eye on the blog in coming weeks and months – we’ll be sharing more expert insight into a variety of web-related disciplines. In the meantime, feel free to Get in touch with us if you would like to learn more about our Mobile app design services in Cape Town, South Africa.

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