WordPress is one the most (if not the most) widely used content management systems on the world wide web. And for good reason! As an open-source CMS, it’s every developer and designer’s dream,  providing everything that’s needed to build perfect websites.  

Not only does it speak to the upper echelon of the technologically savvy, but WordPress has also made web development, in general, a lot more accessible to everyday folks who aren’t necessarily as clued up as the above-mentioned tech gurus. This is a game changer for online business and marketing, and it’s why we’re writing this article.  

We want to share five of our favourite tips to use when building a WordPress website. They’re not complicated or hard to understand; they’re just good practices to know if you’re going to be building and running your website through WordPress. 

Let’s dive in! 

Create Themes Using Page Builders and Demo Layouts 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could edit your website theme and change the layout without having to rewrite the code? Well, we have good news: You can do just that with a WordPress Page Builder!  

Page builders make website building a breeze on WordPress. The plugin features drag-and-drop functionality that allows you to insert tables with rows, videos, testimonials, eye-popping banners, sliders, text boxes, and more.  

One of the best features of page builders is the demo layouts. Page builders also include a feature called Demo Layouts, which are pre-designed website page layouts that can be installed in seconds. You then have to replace the already-existing content with your own, and you suddenly have a full-blown website!  

Blog Consistently 

Blogging on a consistent basis is one of the best ways to add value to visitors to your website and grow your business at the same time.  

Every online business should aim to regularly attract visitors to their website, not only to purchase something but also to browse their blog and learn a thing or two about their business or your industry.  

When you write engaging and compelling blog posts, you’re showing your visitors and customers that behind the brand lies a personal touch, which, from their point of view, is easier to trust.  

Email Sales Funnels Are Important 

When your website traffic increases and more users engage with your business online, you’ll need to capitalise on that momentum. One of the best and most essential ways of doing this is by funnelling that traffic into an email marketing campaign.  

Whatever you specialise in, be it e-commerce products or digital services, an email sales funnel will provide you with the opportunity to convert leads into sales, therefore capitalising on the traffic to your website.  

Once you’ve got an email address, send out some of the best free content you have. You can use your blog’s sidebar or the content itself to integrate a call to action to join your email list. 

Utilise Plugins 

The number one feature of WordPress? Plugins. They just make your website better! By using plugins, you can simply and easily improve your website’s features and give your audience a great experience. Plugins like Yoast SEO and WooCommerce are just a few examples of quality improvement you can add to your site.  

Plugins are free, and WordPress has the largest database of all. Use them wisely and effectively to separate your website from your competitors.  

Prioritise User Experience (UX) 

As we’ve mentioned above, WordPress provides developers, designers, and ordinary people alike the means to build their websites beautifully and effectively. If you want to use WordPress to build a website for your business, the odds are that it will be the first touchpoint with your business for most of your customers. That’s a big deal! 

Those visitors will need to have a good first experience if you want them to return and become customers. This is where User Experience comes in. Page speed and general navigation on the site are vital components of a good user experience, as well as appealing visuals and themes (see first point above) that draw their attention.  

Overall, visitors just want to browse through your website hassle-free. With WordPress, this is possible and then some! 

One Last Thing 

While the things we’ve outlined in the article above definitely make life easier for those who want to build their own websites, we do understand that not everybody has the time to do this. Particularly business owners or entrepreneurs!  

It’s admirable to develop and build your own website from scratch, but sometimes it’s just as admirable to leave it to guys like us who do it for a living. We here at Rocketsoft would love to design and develop your WordPress website and turn it into a lead-generating machine!  

Contact us to find out more. We’d love to meet you!