WordPress is the people’s champion when it comes to website development. There are very few computer users today who haven’t heard of the popular content management system (CMS). It has revolutionized the building of websites and is used throughout the world as the premium CMS of choice. This didn’t just happen by accident. WordPress has been around since 2003, which is longer than social networking giants Facebook and Twitter. They’ve used their experience to meet the needs of the ever-growing digital market.  

Websites have continued to increase in popularity over the years, and the demand for a less-complicated, more user-friendly way to build them has grown with that popularity. Everybody wants to create a website for themselves or their company, and WordPress has given them the tools to do just that.  

We’ve compiled a short list of the main benefits of using WordPress to build a website. Let’s see why it’s so popular, shall we? 

No Coding Required! 

This is perhaps the main advantage of a WordPress web development system and no doubt the main reason why millions of people choose to build their sites with it. Before WordPress came around, only qualified coders could build websites. That problem is history now, however, as the WordPress setup is simply a click-of-a-button away for anyone and everyone! 

It’s Easy to Use 

WordPress was created with everybody in mind, even the most non-technical people who tend to struggle with computers. It comes loaded with smart designs and tutorials to make sure you understand how to operate and run your website. It’s also gentle on your pocket, with a free version even available should you ever want to try it out without committing.  


More than half the world’s internet traffic now comes from mobile devices, which means that websites today must be mobile-friendly in order to reach their target markets. A WordPress website design comes with mobile-friendly themes to choose from, which helps websites to rank better in organic searches.  

Infinite Scalability 

Should the need arise for your business to expand its online presence, WordPress allows you to continually add more and more pages to your website without limiting any performance whatsoever. This means that as your business grows, your website can grow with it.  

Built-In Blog 

Speaking of SEO, WordPress websites come with a blog section available if you want to use it. The value of blogging actively and consistently is widely known, and with a WordPress website, it’s made easier and more convenient to do so.  

Next Steps 

Now that you know some of the core benefits of a WordPress website, it’s probably just as important for you to know that a website and app development company like Rocketsoft might just be the answer to your digital headaches. We offer website design services in Cape Town, with WordPress website hosting being our bread and butter. As mentioned above, WordPress makes website building easy. Go one further and add that Rocketsoft can make it even easier!