Engagement noun en·gage·ment: emotional involvement or commitment

This definition of engagement is the one that all mobile marketers and developers should memorize. Driving engagement could be as simple as a re-open, and range as far as a revenue generating customer for your business.

So, how are the top businesses in the world engaging their mobile users?

What effective tactics have they used to improve engagement on their mobile app and mobile website?

Let’s take a look.

The Top Brands Driving Mobile Engagement


By turning their mobile website into a driver for app engagment, Jet.com was able to see their install rate improve by 3 times.

Their seamless checkout process — like the ability to pay with Apple Pay, and the likelihood you are already signed into the app — served as a driver for more purchases, making it as easy as possible for users to complete purchases.

Additionally, their in-app notification for first time users encourages you tobecome a loyal customer through incentives and urgency by placing a deadline on the discount:


Email is one of the most long-standing digital marketing channel, and typically the most effective.

It drives engagement and conversions with the efficiency that many marketers seek whenever they utilize a certain channel in their marketing stack.

TheCHIVE, a popular entertainment destination, uses deep links in their emails to increase engagement. In fact, they’ve seen a 40 percent increase in mobile app sessions from simply linking to their app instead of the mobile web in their email marketing efforts.


Like most social networks, Pinterest encourages engagement through social connection.

They encourage you to find other friends on Pinterest to satisfy your craving of collaboration. They’ve also mastered the art of driving users from the mobile web to their mobile app, where the experience is superior in every facet.

Their simple mobile web banner is a reminder to their users that they’ll get the most out of their network by utilizing the mobile app. While Pinterest uses a custom banner, the ability to set up a banner on your mobile website is quick and seamless with a few steps.


Booking travel is tedious. It’s frustrating.

That’s why the Expedia mobile app is such an integral part of driving engagement for their users and customers.

Half of Google searches now take place on mobile devices, so making sure your users have a seamless experience from Google search results to the intended destination is a key to drive engagement and revenue.

They offer double the rewards points if users complete purchases inside of their mobile app, and their web to app banner touts other services that will increase user engagement, like a faster checkout and enticing trip update notifications:


Tinder’s engagement starts with their onboarding flow that allows users to register for the popular dating app with a few clicks. It’s easy, and quick, and once users begin to use the app, instructions are readily available to guide the process of creating a user that engages time and time again.

While their product is naturally engaging and encourages re-opens, Tinder’s ability to capture the attention of their users is paramount.

From onboarding to tutorials, Tinder also adds value from their ability to get their users to turn on and engage with push notifications:


No industry has had to adjust to the emergence of mobile more than publishers. Once an elite business for engaging their readers and customers, our digital world has turned them upside down.

Still seen as the top news source in the United States, The New York Times found a way to stay profitable in ways that many others failed.

Their digital subscription plans are perfect for mobile users, and they encourage you via Facebook Ads and email to download their app for a better experience.

Once in the app, articles are displayed with ease and consumed even easier. They even allow you to tailor your push notifications to your interests:

Mobile engagement isn’t a new concept, but it’s one that needs to becontinually optimized by marketing teams.

Whether you’re an eCommerce giant like Jet, a publisher like the NY Times, or a small app that’s just launched in the App Store, it’s important to find ways to engage the users that you acquire.

Because acquiring an install doesn’t always mean you’ve acquired engagement.

How do you engage your mobile users? Have you seen other good examples in other apps? Let us know in the comments!

SOURCE: https://www.apptamin.com/blog/examples-engage-mobile-users/