Hi All! Wow, it really is about time! We live in a world of IT, High Tech and Blogging and now we can officially say that we tick the third box now as well!

I will be trying to post on the blog at least once a week, if time allows for it. The aim of this blog is to post things that i think will be of use to people on my website. Albeit tips, lessons learnt or just general banter.

Feel free to check in and comment. After all, receiving feedback can be a positive experience and enable us to learn and grow!

In my next blog i will showcase some of the work we have done recently. I also want to do a complete case study of two mobile projects we did. I think it could be useful or just plain interesting for people to see how we approached the projects. What technology stacks did we use and why? What tools were used during the project. What snags we ran into, and many other bits and bobs!

Who is Rocketsoft?

So who exactly is Rocketsoft? We are a boutique web and mobile application development company. We are based in Durbanville, Cape Town in sunny South Africa!

What do we do?

So what do we do to bring the bacon home? Well in simple terms, we take ideas that people may have and transform them to create digital art! Digital art might be a website, a custom web application or a mobile application that we create to run on your IOS or Android smartphone. Those are the main and core services we offer.

We offer complimentary services as well like seo, ppc (pay-per-click) and digital marketing. In everything we commit to, we always strive to offer the very best levels of service and professionalism. We offer competitive pricing due to our internal structures processes and this makes us a unique offering.

Many people, particularly in South Africa, do not have 6 or 7 figure budgets to create a mobile or web application. We try and plug that gap by offering affordable and quality services and products that satisfy the customers requirements. We can build products on a tight, limited budget or we can build build large scale applications that are part of larger budgets as well.

We are a small team, but offer big value in return. Try us!