As you probably know by now, online marketing trends change and evolve more often than Cape Town weather, and that’s saying something. The Rocketsoft team has been having a lot of fun so far this year, boosting our clients’ conversion by weaving in a whole bunch of brand-new online marketing trends into our tried-and-tested digital approach. These include:

On-going digital transformation

An effective Online marketing strategy is a growing thing – it’s never set in stone and should always be evolving in line with consumer insights as your business expands and your digital reach grows. Integrated marketing strategies that seek to facilitate company-wide digital transformation have been huge so far in 2019. Because there are so many different channels (owned, paid, earned), and each requires a unique approach to convert consumers along the customer lifecycle, digital silos often emerge within a given company. A customer-centred audit of these channels ties it all together with a golden thread.

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Micro-influencer marketing

Influencer marketing may not be new, but the emerging of micro-influencers sure is. Up until recently, the validity of a given influencer was almost solely based on the number of their followers. The bigger, the better. This is set to change as companies turn to micro-influencers that have smaller, niche followings that tie in with a given value proposition. For instance, a travel-related business in Cape Town might choose to partner with a local celeb who has fewer followers rather than someone with larger numbers based in Johannesburg, because their posts have more authenticity and resonate clearer with their target demographic.

Live video

Video is huge, we all know that, but in 2019 live video has become a staple of any digital marketing strategy worth its salt. With the assistance of a seasoned online marketing team, your company’s FAQs can be turned into valuable online real estate when you transform it into a helpful live video on platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram Live. These assets can then also be turned into other forms of content, like blogs, white papers, infographics, etc.

These are just a few of the 2019 Web design trends that we have been implementing in our strategies so far this year. For more information on our approach to web marketing, and how we can help you to achieve unheard-of conversion rates in 2019, get in touch ASAP. We look forward to creating a tailor-made web solution that suits your business (and budget) to a T.

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