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5 Ways A Custom Built Android App Can Help Your Business

Introduction Mobile phones’ development from a simple communication device to an integral part of our daily lives has been remarkable. On average, people spend five and a half hours every day on their mobile devices. Additionally, 79% of smartphone users have completed an online purchase using their mobile devices. As a result, mobile devices are


3 Important Website Development Trends to Explore in 2020

How on earth are we writing about 2020 Website development trends already? Well, 2019 is more than halfway to the finish mark and we like to keep ahead of the curve over here at Rocketsoft HQ. Our team takes great pride in tailoring seamless, user-friendly websites that tick all those must-have boxes when it comes


How to find the best mobile app developers Cape Town has to offer in 2020

Cape Town mobile app developers are a rare breed. As one of the most tech-forward cities on the continent, the Mother City is home to a wonderful community of web development companies that focus on everything from software development to systems integration. However, app developers are a sub-species of their own. Mobile apps are everywhere.